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Benefits of Downloading Videos from YouTube

The YouTube platform is the most popular platform when it comes to uploading and watching videos. The fact that you can watch and download videos on YouTube free of charge has made the platform the popular. You can watch different videos that have been listed as public. Google usually pays the owners of the videos through their AdSense account. This is usually based on their subscribers’ list, the number of views and the number of ads clicked.

Free time

youtube logo Many people watch their favorite movies and video during their free time. However, it is vital to note that not everyone is connected to the internet at all times. Without the internet, you can watch videos on YouTube. It, therefore, makes sense to download videos and watch them offline especially if you do not have internet. This write-up looks at the benefits of downloading videos from YouTube.

Watch offline

As we had earlier stated, not everyone has internet connection in his apartment. You can seize the opportunity and use the internet at work to download your favorite movies. Once you get home or during your free time when there is no internet, you can watch your downloaded videos without much hassle. You can also download informative videos and watch them later with your family.

Easy to access

When you download videos from YouTube, they become easy to access. Whenever you download videos from YouTube using any downloader , the downloaded video will go to the “download” folder. You can easily access such videos by going to these folders. After downloading your favorite videos, you can create subfolders and put your videos theirs according to a category.

No payment required

Once you download your favorite video from YouTube, you will not need to pay a dime. You can create backups for the videos and watch them even after ten years. If you do not have money to buy music album of your favorite artiste, you can download them from YouTube.

No ads

watching a video on youtube

One of the things that you will experience when watching your favorite videos on YouTube you will experience the ads or the pop-ups. These are some of how Google gets to pay the video owners. At times these pop-ups or ads might break the flow of whatever video you are watching. This is, however, not the case when you download the video. You will not see any ad when you watch the downloaded video offline. The video below explains how you can download videos from YouTube.